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In 2011 we reported that, contrary to the all-too-common opinion that there are “too many charities”, only about 10% of nonprofits are actually philanthropic—i.e., private initiatives, for public good, focusing on quality of life, and actively engaged in the philanthropic marketplace—public fundraising for grants and donations. To help prove that, we posted a link to the IRS Master Data File for Massachusetts nonprofits on the MPD so that users can check the evidence for themselves; and as always we have invited corrections.

Submitted by lcrawford on 7/12/2011 8:19 AM
Type Description Amount Total
2011 Master Data List All form 990s 42376 42376
501(c)(0) 1 42375
501(c)(1) Corporations organized under Acts of Congress 4 42371
501(c)(2) Title holding corporation for a 501(c)(3) 153 42218
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By fields, Massachusetts has 287 environmental charities; 1,547 cultural charities (1,087 Education, 447 Arts); and 1,561 human-service charities. The percentages of each in relation to the total are: 8%, 45%, and 45% (plus 3% promoting philanthropy as a whole).